To Do This Summer

Since summer is nearing (and because I’m bored) I decided to make an extremely random list of things to do this summer:

  1. Go to an amusement park
  2. Go swimming
  3. Go to the Beach
  4. Visit a New Country
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Read a book
  7. Visit a new state (if you have easy access to American States)
  8. Get a job
  9. Buy a pet
  10. Watch Youtube all day
  11. Throw a party
  12. Light a sparkler
  13. Binge a show
  14. Go to a concert
  15. Volunteer somewhere
  16. Throw water balloons
  17. Go to the mall
  18. Do nothing
  19. Go to the theater
  20. See a play
  21. Spend time with your family
  22. Study
  23. Memorize the alphabet backwards
  24. Cook something
  25. Make a blog
  26. Prank call someone
  27. Fangirl
  28. Go skydiving
  29. Go bungee-jumpingpe
  30. Eat something new
  31. Get drunk
  32. Decorate your house
  33. Ride a rollercoaster
  34. Go to the park
  35. Learn a new language
  36. Dye your hair a crazy color
  37. Get a manicure
  38. Get a pedicure
  39. Rethink #31 because you might regret it when you wake up hangover the next morning
  40. Ignore #39 because no regrets
  41. Make a Tumblr
  42. Give someone a makeover
  43. Have someone give you a makeover
  44. Design an outfit
  45. Make a cool art-project
  46. Bake
  47. Go on a ferris-wheel
  48. Babysit
  49. Go to Starbucks
  50. Explore your hometown
  51. Watch a sports game
  52. Play a sport
  53. Ugh sports ew cringe
  54. Design your dream life on pinterest
  55. Sell something on Etsy
  56. Buy something on Etsy
  57. Plan for your future
  58. Can you tell i’m running out of ideas?
  59. Drive around
  60. Go to bed early
  61. Stay up late
  62. Light a candle
  63. Eat cereal
  64. Eat a candy bar
  65. Buy more candy bars
  66. Have a lemonade stand even though you might be too old to
  67. Realize age doesn’t always matter
  68. See a drive-in movie
  69. Watch an old classic
  70. Listen to Vynal
  71. Buy record
  72. Buy a movie soundtrack
  73. Watch Disney movies all day
  74. Order Pizza
  75. Try to make your own pizza
  76. Realize #75 is too difficult so give up and order a pizza
  77. Make a music video
  78. Watch old family videos
  79. Go in a hot tub
  80. Stay in a hotel
  81. Tweet something
  82. Post an instagram
  83. Take photos
  84. Edit the photos to make them look better than they actually are
  85. Try a new hairstyle
  86. Try to make jewelery
  87. Go to a fancy restaurant
  88. I’m
  89. All
  90. Out
  91. Of
  92. Ideas
  93. Ugh
  94. Try archery
  95. Take Buzzfeed quiz
  96. Stalk your favorite celebrity
  97. Only three more
  98. Write a song
  99. Learn to play a new instrument
  100. Want summer to never be over okay the end

This post was extremely random and weird so ignore that. Regardless of the randomness, I hope you enjoyed this.

Thanks for reading!




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  1. baileybot says:



    1. 102. Ignore #101 and don’t kill someone because that’s rude


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