I’ve found that people underestimating themselves or others is a common occurrence. People, including myself, often don’t have enough courage or confidence to do something, for example a certain sport, academic activity, or challenge, and instead just don’t participate overall. Sometimes people want to audition or try-out for something, yet don’t because they underestimate their abilities and doubt they’d be able to properly do it.

People often underestimate others abilities, too. Even if you don’t mean to judge someone or doubt someone’s abilities, chances are you probably at least do it sometimes. You might not choose someone to work with you on a project, just because you doubt their abilities to do it correctly. You may not choose someone for a sports team, just because you think they’d make you fail. As sad as it is, people judge others and doubt their worth all the time, even without trying to sometimes. Hopefully we can learn to stop judging others and realize we’re all human, filled with great talents, as well as some flaws.

Being underestimated or underestimating yourself can be a real self-confidence drain. I think people should learn to have more confidence in their self and in others, as well as start praising others for their accomplishments, rather than acting surprised that they did something correctly. Underestimation is quite a large problem in today’s society. People often are underestimated and, in result, may have a lower self-esteem. Hopefully this underestimation crisis will be sorted out, so that we can all be happier about our self and about others.




Daily Prompt: Underestimate

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  1. baileybot says:

    I think overestimating is a problem considering the fact that I overestimate how much I can actually do, which results in some pretty embarrassing stories.


    1. I can agree with that for certain situations. I think it depends on the person or event that may be taking place. Sometimes I think people may overestimate, leading to them sounding cocky or rude. Either way, when put into theory, It’s probably better for people’s self-esteem and happiness to be overly-confident then not at all.


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