Buddy- quite possibly the most perfect topic that I could talk about today. I’ll get into why that subject suits what I’m doing today later, but first, I’m going to talk about what the word Buddy means to me:

When I hear the word Buddy, my mind jumps to someone and their pet, preferably a dog. The phrase ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ and the image of someone playing with or walking a dog also comes into mind. I personally agree with this phrase, as I am a massive dog person and know just how important my dog is to me. If my dog, or my ‘Little Buddy’, were to get lost or injured, I don’t know what I would do. Dogs, as well as other animals, have a way of making your day a lot better and making you happier, just by looking at you.

Whenever I’m feeling down, my dog is somehow able to sense that and realize that I’m not doing my best. Even if he does something as small as lay on my lap or give me attention, it is enough to make me feel better. When people are feeling alone, they can play with their pet and instantly feel better. Just watching your dog play and be happy can make your life better.

This topic means a lot to me, especially considering that fact that today a bunch of therapy dogs are visiting my school. As my school has finals coming up, they decided to bring in a bunch of puppies and dogs for us to play with a relieve stress. I really think this just goes to show how much animals can make you feel better. Even if you’re having a horrible day and are under a lot of stress, playing with a dog can instantly make you feel better.

When I hear the word ‘Buddy’, I immediately think of dogs, as well as other animals. Dogs have a way of making you feel better and make you be more at peace. Whenever I’m under stress or am sad, I play with my dog and feel better. Dogs are a perfect example of the word ‘Buddy’ and hold the phrase ‘A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend’ true.

Thanks for reading!


Daily Post: Buddy


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  1. maria9saif says:

    those are the cutest puppies ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. baileybot says:

    I LOVE DOGS!!!!


    1. same girl who doesn’t


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