I’ve found that I myself can be a very pensive person. I often find myself daydreaming and thinking about things irrelevant to what I am suppose to be doing. When someone is talking to me, I often find myself not paying attention and thinking about something totally unrelated. Daydreaming is something I often catch myself doing, even when I don’t mean to do it.

When I’m daydreaming, I can be thinking about a variety of things. Sometimes I can be planning my day and thinking about important things that matter, or, to contrast, other times I can be completely lost in thought and thinking about nonsense things that could never, in a million years, happen. Daydreaming is something that I find myself often doing and participating in.

I think daydreaming is something that everybody does. Daydreaming is a way to escape boredom and think about things other than your current struggles. I think daydreaming can sometime be a coping mechanism or therapy piece for some people. If someone’s having a rough moment or their life isn’t doing so well, they can sometimes slip into a fantasy world and think about things other than what’s going on in their life. Daydreaming can be both a negative and positive thing. Positively, it can help you escape your reality and sometimes be a happier person. Negatively, it can sometimes affect your reality and make you less present in the real world.

Regardless of the negatives and positives, daydreaming is something that most people participate in and catch themselves doing. Daydreaming is an everyday occurrence for most people and often happens without us even meaning for it to. I think daydreaming is often a positive thing to a lot of people. Daydreaming is something that everyone does and can often help us cope with our problems, even for just a few minutes.


Daily Post: Pensive



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  1. baileybot says:

    When I daydream, the teacher yells at me for sleeping in class.


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