Solutions To Feeling Down

Everyone feels stressed and down at least sometimes. Instead of letting your stress control you, here are 10 things that you can do to make it go away:


1. Listen To Music

  • Something that I always do when I’m feeling down is listen to music. Putting in headphones, listening to your favorite artist (shout out to Halsey who’s vinyl cover I included in this post), and singing along can really help you feel better. Certain songs often have lyrics or music that you can connect with and relate to. If you’re more into creating your own music, you can also always write a song about how you’re feeling or create an instrumental piece.

2. Write Your Feelings Down

  • Writing your feelings and problems down is always a good way to get your negativity out of your head and onto paper. Journaling and keeping a diary is also a good way to relieve stress, all though sometimes the commitment of journaling everyday can be too much for some people, including myself. Regardless of how often you journal, it can be a great way to relieve stress. If you’re not into writing in a diary, you could also type it and possibly even start a blog to record your feeling on.

3. Explore Nature

  • Getting off of technology and experiencing the earth in it’s raw form can also be a good way to relieve stress. Although technology is a good thing and definitely has its positives, we all know that a lot of negativity can also come from it. Leaving your social media apps turned off and going outside can really help you feel better. From going on a long hike to just taking a walk around your block, exploring the wilderness can be very therapeutic.

4. Play With A Pet

  • Animals are a great way to feel better. One: they can’t talk back to you, unless it’s a parrot or something, and can’t give you negative feedback. As crazy as you may feel, talking to a cat or dog can actually help you feel better and feel like you’ve got your problems out, without the possibility of them giving you negative opinions. Petting or cuddling with animals can also make you feel much better. Animals can often sense if you aren’t feeling too hot and can do what they can to make you feel better.

5. Clean

  • I know this one obviously won’t work for all people, but for some, including me, cleaning can be very therapeutic. Cleaning your house or room can be a great way to get your rage and energy out and put it into something. Also, on the bright side, after your bad feelings go away, your house will be cleaner. Some people get very stressed out at the thought of cleaning, so if you’re one of those people, I highly wouldn’t recommend doing this. For those who like cleaning when stressed, however, like me and Monica Geller from Friends, this may be a great way to feel better.

6. Watch A Movie Or Binge A Show

  • The next tip on my list is a pretty obvious one. Watching something on Youtube or Netflix can definitely help you feel better. If you are ever in a bad mood, just pop on a new movie or television show and relax. As long as it’s a good show, you’ll likely be engrossed in it and, before you know it, all of your problems will go away and you’ll suddenly feel loads better.

7. Sleep

  • If you ever feel stressed, I highly recommend taking a nap. When we are mad or getting a little high-strung, it is often because we are tired and irritated. Think about it; noone is happy when their tired, they’re often just in a grumpy mood. Sleeping is a great way to refuel and let your stress and problems go away. Plus, when you wake up, you’ll not only feel more awake and refreshed, but probably also less stressed and in a better mood.

8. Draw or Color

  • This next step has recently taken more of a trend. As art and drawing has obviously always been around, adult and meditative coloring books have become more and more popular over the past few years. Why? Because they work. When you’re feeling stressed, it’s often a good idea to draw something and get it out. As drawing something as little as a scribble to get your anger out, doodling and trying to create a nice picture can also be very therapeutic. If you get stressed a lot, I would highly recommend buying an adult coloring book, or even just a kids coloring book. If you’re not a fan of coloring books, drawing something freehanded on a piece of paper can also do the trick just as well.

9. Write A Letter

  • This next step is something an old teacher once told me to do and it has actually worked and stuck with me. If you’re ever feeling mad at someone, instead of ranting and yelling at their face, you can instead write all of your feelings and yell at them in a letter. After you have finished the letter and gotten all of your feelings out, instead of sending it, destroy it and throw it away. You’ll likely feel much better after the letter and don’t run the risk of offending or hurting anyones feelings. I know some people also like to do this only in email form and just not send the email, but I think writing a letter and being able to easily destroy it is the more therapeutic and safer thing to do.

10. Talk To Someone You Love

  • This last step if pretty obvious. If you’re ever feeling sad, call up someone you love and have a chat with them. Getting your feelings out of your system and talking to someone can really help you feel better and let your problems go away. Although you may feel bad when you first call someone or start talking to them, by the end of the chat you’ll most likely feel a whole lot better. I also recommend going over to someone’s house and physically hanging out with someone if you’re feeling down.


I hope you enjoyed my list of 10 Thing To Do If You’re Feeling Down. I also hope you decide to try out and do some of the things that I included on this list. Thanks for reading!

-Maddie and Kendra


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  1. Mysson Humane says:

    Reblogged this on The Penny Matters.


  2. baileybot says:

    11. Watch funny youtube videos.


    1. girl i included that


  3. Kendra says:

    I think my body automatically does #7. Because one second I’m extremely stressed, the next I’m waking up two hours later. Also for #10, I always talk to my weirdo best friends (*cough* Maddie *cough*) and they always make me feel 10x better.


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