I have always been a huge fan of brick architecture. There’s something about brick that gives stuff a nice, aesthetically pleasing feel. I love the way that the bricks can give an old-fashion feel, as well as a nice vibe. Brick buildings also tell a story. You never know if the building is old and has been around for a while, or if it is newer and was just built with brick for the look.

Going through towns and cities that were built long ago and seeing the brick and stone buildings is a very pleasant sight. Brick roads, although they can be bumpy and noisy when driving on them, are very nice to look at. Not only that, but they are very durable and last a long time. Brick buildings and roads have a way of giving cities not only a nice feel, but also a slightly old and semi-abandoned feel which I honestly love. I think brick buildings look very nice and aesthetically pleasing and really enjoy the look of them.


Daily Post: Brick


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  1. baileybot says:

    A brick is nice to look at, but a pain to pick up.


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