Sing-  a word that I have a lot of passion and love for. I myself am a huge fan of music. I spend much of my day listening to various artists from every genre imaginable and singing along to the songs. I’m also a massive theater geek which means that I have countless amounts of Broadway soundtracks on my phone. Although I am not a good singer in the slightest, I still love singing along to these songs. You don’t have to be musically talented to enjoy singing along to your favorite songs which is something I love.

Singing is a great way to relieve stress and get all of your emotions out. Singers often write music about something that happened in their life to get their thoughts out of their mind and onto paper. When they sing these songs, you can see the immense amount of passion that they have for these songs and how much singing means to them. People who are passionate and enjoy singing are often the ones who create the best music. If you look around at most of the biggest singers today, you can easily notice that most of them show a lot of passion and love for what they do and for their songs. Singing is a great way to get your feelings out, relieve stress, and, most of all, have fun.


Daily Post: Sing


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