Today’s Daily Prompt is ‘Saga’. Now I know when people hear the word ‘saga’, they often think of a book or movie series. As stated in Google’s Dictionary, however, a saga is a long, involved story, account, or series of incidents. For today’s prompt, I’m going to be telling a saga, or series of incidents, that lead to my passion for writing.

My Personal Writing Saga:

  1. I guess you can say writing is in my blood. My father is actually an author with multiple published books, as well as a YA series. I guess his passion for writing sparked the writing flame in me as well.
  2. When I was about four, my dad introduced me to our family computer. Now, keep in mind, that this computer was a classic bulky, square computer with limited games, a few original microsoft softwares, and no internet. Regardless of those things, the computer included an old version of Microsoft Word that I used to write some nonsense short stories on.
  3. I started going to school and was given a notebook in Kindergarten, in which I was told to write down short, kindergarden-level stories daily. I ended up loving the thought of a short-stories journal and bought a few more, writing in them throughout almost all of my middle-school days.
  4. My parents finally got an updated computer and allowed me to have the bulky, square one and put it in my room. That meant that I had more and more free time to write my creative, nonsense stories.
  5. When a Freshman in High School, I was put into an Honors English class that really allowed me to keep writing and grow in my knowledge of the English grammar and language.
  6. As a teenager, I became obsessed with a few book series and began writing fanfiction. I then found a website that allowed me to publish these fanfics. Although I am embarrassed to admit that I used to write most of these stories, it definitely allowed my writing to grow.
  7. I signed up for a creative-writing class in High School that allowed me to write for almost two hours everyday.
  8. I stuck to my love for writing and kept on writing various things, including short-stories, short blog posts, some unpublished novels that I still have very mixed feelings about, poems, and more. My love for writing never died and is still very present today.


I hope you enjoyed this quick, little list, or saga that inspired me to write. Thanks for reading!



Daily Post: Saga


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