When I first saw today’s prompt, I instantly thought of a moon and the many phases it goes through. When I was deciding what to write about, however, I thought of another meaning of the word phase that fits me even better. While the word ‘phase’ can be used to tell what the moon looks like or what chemical/ physical phase a certain mass or matter is going through, it can also be used to describe different trends and phases people go through.

I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase, “Oh don’t worry, it’s just a phase”. It’s often used to justify a child or teenagers random behaviors and ordinary activities they’re going through and participating in. If someone’s toddler or young child is being really loud and rude, they might often say that it’s just a phase toddlers go through and that they’ll be better behaved in a few years. Phases are often used when talking about a youth’s behavior, but I think the term can fit a lot more people than that.

I myself go through many phases. I am a very indecisive person and can almost never decided what I want to do. This habit of mine has become a bit problematic throughout the years, as I’ve found myself carelessly actually wasting money, just because of a stupid phase I’m going through. I’ve found myself going through phases in which my favorite actor or actress changes rapidly. While I’m obsessing over a certain actor, I find myself buying a lot of their movies to watch and then, once my phase is over, regretting my purchases, as I’ve wasted money on a movie I might never watch again.

I feel as if a lot of people go through phases of things, no matter their age. Their phases might be different than having a certain obsession with an actress or actor, but I think a lot of people still do have their certain periods of times where they like a certain thing. Everyone goes through phases, not just young kids or teenagers. Many people change their likes and disliked and have different habits that change over the years.


Daily Prompt: Phase


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