Acing Exams

As the school year is ending and summer is nearing, it is beginning to be the time for tests and exams to take place. I know testing times vary person to person, meaning some of you who are still in school may have already taken their exams and others might not take them for a while, but I think these tips can still apply and be used in any future tests. Here are 5 steps to help you stay calm while testing:

Get a Goodnight’s Sleep

The first step on this list is potentially one of the most obvious ones. If you want to feel awake, refreshed, and calm during a test, it’s probably wise to get a goodnight’s sleep the night before and feel well rested. Now, I know that it may be difficult to go to sleep at a reasonable time, as many people often spend long periods of time studying and cramming as much information as they can into their branes the night before, but you should still try to sleep as much as you can. Getting a lot of sleep can help you feel more refreshed and focused during the test and allow you to have a better academic performance.

Eat a Good Breakfast

This next step is also a pretty obvious one, yet many people choose to skip and ignore this. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you’re eating a bad breakfast or not even eating one at all, you’ll potentially feel more hungry, fatigued, and unfocused during the test. As you’ll probably perform best on the test while you’re feeling good, it’s smart to do everything you can to insure you aren’t hungry.

Have a Mint or Chew some Gum

Some people may not be able to do this next tip, depending on the rules of the place that you’re testing in, but having something mint really helps when testing. Not only is chewing gum or having a mint a great way to relieve stress and feel focused, but it has genuinely been scientifically proven many times that mint actually helpes y0ur brain stay more awake and focused, allowing you to perform better academically. If you’re able to have a mint or some gum during testing, I would highly recommend it.

Skip and Come Back to any Questions You’re Unsure About

The fourth tip on this list is something I personally struggle with myself. When people are unsure of an answer, they often dwell on it and don’t want to move on until they know they’ve got it right. That is actually a terrible idea for many reasons. Spending an excessive amount of time takes away time that you could be using to complete the rest of the test and can even increases the risk that you won’t finish the test on time. If you’re having trouble with a question, skip it, remember that it needs to be completed later, and come back to it once you’ve finished the rest of the test.


The final tip sounds the easiest, but is one of the most essential tips in test taking. While taking tests we often tend to get stressed and worked up. As we are worrying so much and are so stressed, we often have trouble breathing and become quite anxious. If you’re stressing too much or find yourself panicking, just take a moment to take a deep breath and calm down. Odds are that the results of a test you took while panicking won’t be nearly as good as the results you took while being calm, so be sure to keep this tip in mind.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to stay calm during a test. I hope this helps some of you while testing or needing to calm down in general. Thanks for reading!

-Maddie and Kendra


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