When hearing the word epitome used, people often refer to certain people or things as  epitomes. They may say that those who have the ‘perfect’ body shape, beautiful physical features, and a great mindset to go along with that, are the epitomes of the ‘perfect’ person. I, however, don’t think that’s true.

I personally don’t think the epitome of the perfect person exists. Every single person is perfect in their own ways and has their own unique traits that make them special. Although there may be certain physical features that have been proven to be attractive to a lot of people, there are no set traits that make a person perfect. People often find himself rudimentary and undergo various surgeries and body modifications that make them feel beautiful. Because of what is said to be perfect traits, people often think they’re below par and feel shitty about themselves. I think people need to realize that everyone is perfect in their own ways and that it isn’t okay to criticize others on their various traits. We are all perfect and the sooner we all realize that, the happier everyone will be.


Daily Prompt: Epitome 


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