I realized today that life goes in a semi-orderly fashion. Although we may not realize it, everything generally has a set pattern and routine. The same person may go to the same workplace or school everyday. Another person might wake up early and go for a run. Somebody else may wake up, take a shower, and then make themselves a nice breakfast. Even if we don’t realize it, everything has a set way, and without something going it’s usual pattern, things may begin to feel strange.

Last night I had immense difficulty falling asleep. As I am slightly sick and it’s very hot where I live, even with the air conditioning and fans, I couldn’t escape the heat. I tried sleeping for many hours until eventually I gave up. At around 5 in the morning, I decided that the probability of me falling asleep was quite unlikely, so I decided to get up and take my dog for a walk. I left my phone and all other technology devices at home, leaving me completely unconnected to the internet world. My dog and I took a long walk and, to my surprise, everything was completely silent. I live in a busy city, so silence is a very rare and treasured occurrence. Throughout the time my dog and I were walking, I can probably count the amount of cars I saw on one hand. The people outside was also extremely limited, leaving me to feel very pleasantly alone in the world. It was so beautiful to view the empty city, not yet alive with the usual noise and fast-paced tone. Everything was so peaceful and quite; such a rare occurrence.

As I was walking I realized that the things that often happen so orderly were missing. Cars were scarce and people were nowhere to be found. If I were to forget how early it was and think it was mid-day, I would honestly think there was some strange apocalypse going on and I was the last person left on earth. As we often don’t think about and realize, everything for the most part has a set mood and orderly-fashion and without it, everything can seem both strange and peaceful.


Daily Post: Orderly


Random Note: I started watching Bates Motel yesterday and may or may not have already finished two seasons. It’s that fucking good of a show!


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  1. Andrew says:

    Your walk with your dog sounds delightful.

    Bates Motel is addictive. But you plowed through two seasons in two days?! Wow.

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    1. It was a very delightful walk indeed and yeah…… i’ve been sick so I’ve had nothing to do and have managed to watch so much of the show in such little time haha oops. Thanks for reading this post 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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