Bates Motel

*Warning: This post contains spoilers on the show Bates Motel*

A post about my very mixed-feelings on a popular television show:


A few days ago I started watching Bates Motel. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Bates Motel is a spin-off of the classic character of Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic movie, Psycho. The show follows the life of Norman, when he was just a teenager, and his journey to becoming Psycho. Norman’s mother, Norma, is also a main character and this show emphasises how her craziness influences Norman’s eventual killing sprees. I think this show is very wellmade and does an amazing job showing Norman’s early life, however I do have some mixed feelings about certain plots in this show:

One situation I have a problem with in Bates Motel is the fact that it takes place in a modern setting. I’m not entirely aware what year the show takes place in, but many of the characters have IPhones and laptops that are often features. The original Psycho was made in 1960 and takes place roughly around that time period.  Another plot that I am unsure about is the fact that Norman’s older brother, Dylan, is involved with the weed industry, making the illegal drug drama and violence a big part of the storyline. Although I can completely see why they added that second storyline, most likely to make the show more interesting, I could probably do without some of it.

Besides the time-era and the whole storyline with Dylan, I think this show does an excellent job at explaining and showing Norman’s journey into becoming crazy. As those who have seen Psycho know, one of the big things Norman does is dress up in his mother’s old clothing while committing his murders. In the show, you can see the beginning of his transition into becoming his mother, which I find very interesting. In one scene in particular, you see somebody wearing an apron and cooking breakfast for the Bates household. You assume it’s Norma, as she cooks breakfast in many of the episodes, but the camera pans out and it is revealed that Norman is instead the one doing the cooking. That scene, as well as the fact that Norman always envisions his mother being there when he murders people and genuinely thinks she’s the one doing the crimes, really shows and emphasis how much his mother inspired his killings.

This show does an excellent job at showing Norman Bates’ early life. I think most people would love this show and find it very entertaining. Those who are huge Alfred Hitchcock fans, like myself, may find some of the continuity errors annoying, but, after all, this show is just a spin-off and is not meant to be flawless when referring back to the classic movie. I’m aware that there is also a book that Psycho was based off of, only I have not yet had the opportunity to read it. I am aware that there may be some aspects of Bates Motel that were based off of the book, rather than the movie, so please feel free to tell me in the comments if that is the case.

Overall, I still think Bates Motel is a fantastic show. I binge watched the first 3 seasons in 2 days, proving what a fanatic show it is. Although some of the story-lines are a bit extra, I overall think the show does a good job at explaining Norman Bates’ early childhood. I would recommend this show to everyone. It does, however, contain a lot of violence, sexual situations, drug use, dark themes, and eerie plots, as well as slight cursing. If you are sensitive to any of those themes, I’d recommend watching this show with caution. Regardless of the sensitive subjects, this show is a great watch and I recommend it to everyone.



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