A story of how teamwork is key:

A while back, when I was just a freshman in high school, there was this day every school year where each class would have a theme and compete against each other in various challenges. The whole day was a free day, full of games and fun. At the end of the day, each class would have to perform a skit that they had spent weeks working on. The Junior class, at that time, had a skit revolving around the Circus, making me remember this incident when seeing the topic for today. Anyway, my class did not have the Circus theme, we instead had some magical-fairy theme thing. As we were just Freshman, our skits were less than par and were nothing compared to the other classes.

About half-way through performing our skit, one of the girls got very nervous and had stage-fright, resulting in her crying in the gym infront of the entire school. Instead of making it awkward and giving up on our skit, two of the class leaders improvised, talking about how even though we hit some roadblocks,we’re still a class and we always work together. Because of this improvisation, we ended up winning for best-skit, something that a Freshman class hadn’t done it years. This incident really proved how teamwork is always key and, even when things go wrong, working together can fix almost any problem.


Daily Prompt: Circus


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  1. baileybot says:

    I’m really glad that your freshman class helped her out.

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    1. smh at you but same


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