A few weeks ago I believe I briefly discussed an anger-management task that I sometimes use to relieve my stress. For this daily post, I am going to go more in-depth with that tip:

A while back, one of my old teachers told us a good way to get our anger out without offending anyone and saying something we’d later regret. This task is to write all of your feelings onto a piece of paper and destroying the evidence. When you’re mad at an individual person, instead of sending them an angry text or a ranting email, write down your feelings on a piece of paper. If you’re really feeling mad, you can go as far as to putting the letter in an envelope and addressing it, only as anyone who as read ‘To All The Boys I Used To Love” by Jenny Han knows, that might not be the best idea. Instead of actually sending the letter and making them know how you feel, instead destroy the letter and rip it up. You can take all of your anger out onto the little piece of paper and will feel a lot better.

Instead of writing the letter on paper, some people instead write an email or text and just don’t send it. For many reasons, I would not recommend doing that. As we all know, what’s posted online stays online forever and there’s no telling who will end up seeing what you didn’t mean to send. In my opinion, the risk of accidentally sending the email is far too great. If you are a dare-devil and don’t mind the risk of accidentally getting caught, you could always go do that method. Regardless of the social aspect, I highly recommend writing and not sending a letter. It’s a great way to relief stress and it really helps you calm down.


Daily Prompt: Angry


Random Note: I have already had two very large cups of coffee and it’s only 11 AM. I need to be stopped.


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