Freak Accidents

*Warning: This post may contain some graphic/ gruesome imagery*

I know every Friday, Kendra usually posts a sort-of inspirational post. Sadly this week she was not able to do that, mainly because she encountered a massive freak accident over the last weekend. We decided that we would explain the incident in this post, only it may be a bit gruesome, so beware. Here we go:

Over the last weeked, Kendra had an encounter that was the definition of a freak accident. While playing frisbee with her dog, her finger somehow got stuck in a broken piece of the frisbee. Her dog, obviously unaware that her finger was stuck, tried pulling the frisbee away in a playful manner. Instead of freeing her finger, it ended up being torn off, leaving her with a big chunk of her finger gone.

Obviously, as any person would, she went to the ER where she ended up staying a few days. While in the hospital, she had surgery and had certain stuff put in her finger that will potentially help a finger and fingernail grow back. As she has been released from the hospital and is feeling much better, she is still in a tremendous amount of pain and is having great difficulty doing everyday things. The finger that is now messed up is her right pointer finger. As she is right handed, she can’t write for a while and has to have much of her right hand bandaged up. Luckily she should be eventually able to use her right hand again, but for the mean time, she needs to rest it.

Kendra clearly wasn’t able to write an inspirational post for today, being why there wasn’t one posted. Like I said above, she should eventually get better and be able to write more. Luckily Kendra is having a smooth recovery for the most part and took the injury like a pro. She is feeling much better and should be well again in no time.



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