I personally think the sky is such a beautiful thing. It visually seems to go on forever and appears as an endless pool of clouds. The sky also may look especially beautiful later in the evening or earlier in the morning. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises cascade across the sky, leaving you with the vision of various colors above you in the air. After a rain storm, a rainbow may appear in the sky, filling the sky with color and creating a beautiful picture. The sky is a beautiful feature of our planet that contains many incredible aspects.

The sky can also have some negative appearances and effects. Before a big storm or other weather occurrence, the sky may turn into darker and grayer colors. When it’s about to rain, the sky may appear deep shades of blue and gray and have large clouds blocking the sun. While it’s storming, it may appear that lightning is coming from the sky, both creating beautiful and powerful images, as well as the eerie feeling that comes from storms. Regardless of all of the darker things about the sky, the sky is a gorgeous feature to the amazing earth we are so lucky to have.


Daily Prompt: Sky


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