Smooth has always weirdly been one of those words that make me uncomfortable. I know when a lot of people think of cringe words, their minds often jump to words like moist and wet. Although those words do send a disgusted feeling through my body, smooth does it just as much so.

On the opposite side, words I do like seem to sound quite fancy and elegant in some sense. Some of my favorite words include luminescent, boudoir, aesthetic, and lumiere (it’s a name, I know), which, in my opinion, have a sort of classy feel to them. What are some of your favorite words and what words make you cringe?


Daily Prompt: Smooth


Random Note: I’m seeing an early premiere screening of Conjuring 2 early this week and I could not be more excited. I’m a massive horror nerd and love the original Conjuring, so I have high expectations.


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