With technology, we are all always connected to each other at all times. If you want to reach someone, all you have to do a tap a few buttons and you’re connecting to them in seconds. You can easily text people or facetime with them, allowing you easy access to others. With all of the present day social media, it’s also very easy t0 stay updated on others lives and even know more about people then, in theory, we probably should. Technology allows us to always stay connected to each other, so much so that it may be a bit of a problem.

Because of technology, the sacredness of communication is gone. People used to value the time they would get to call and talk to others in person, but they don’t so much any more. When you can instantly talk to people and catch up on their lives, it’s easy to take communication for granted. People weren’t always as privileged to be able to talk to others instantly and used to greatly value the time they got with others. It sadly isn’t like that as much anymore and people often take speaking to their friends and families for granted.


Daily Prompt: Connected


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  1. You make a valid point. We are connected and not connected.


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