When seeing this Daily Prompt, I immediately thought about h0w easy it would be to talk about one of my former embarrassing moments. I am an extremely clumsy person and am overall quite awkward. Somehow when beginning this post, however, I drew a blank and couldn’t think of anything extremely embarrassing. This is probably because my brain tried to block out the trauma and forget my cringe-worthy moments. Despite myself forgetting anything too embarrassing, I remembered that my 4th grade year, when I was about 9 I believe, was quite an embarrassing year. Here are some of the random things that happened during that time period:

Before I start some of these stories, let me note that I have always been quite a goody too-shoes. I was always that ‘perfect’ and ‘innocent’ child in school who could do no wrong. Fourth grade, however, was the year that that image changed.

I don’t know why I went through my rebellious phase when I was just 9, but I did and regret practically everything that happened at that age. Starting off, that was the year that I decided to be extremely talkative and have no filter. I often got in trouble for doing things so small as talking during class and would get mad that I was punished. Looking back, I can highly relate to the teachers and agree with their decisions of giving bratty me a warning note to give home for my parents.

Another occurrence that happened that year was the fact that my homeroom teacher hated me. She kinda hated everyone, that was her M.O, but I seemed to rank especially high on her levels of hatred. She would always call me out for doing little things, which I eventually learned to ignore. One day, however, she called me out for something, God knows what now, in front of the entire 8th grade class. Do you know what it is like for a 4th grader to be publically humiliated in front of 8th graders? It’s actually hell and I felt the harsh judgement of twenty 13 year-olds. In reality, as I have not been in 8th grade for many years and am well past the age of 13, I can say that the 8th graders probably didn’t care and forgot about it within three minutes, but I didn’t know that then. Those two instances, as well as many, many more that are far worse and I have blocked out, such as the time when my uniform skirt fell off in front of the entire school, were just part of my horrible experience I call 4th grade. It’s so funny looking back at how naive I was at that age, but also extremely embarrassing to think that I ever did such embarrassing and cringe-worthy things.


Daily Prompt: Embarrassing 


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