What Makes A Good Book?

What exactly is it that makes a good book? Is it the slick, hardback cover, or the smooth, paperback novel? Is it that new book smell that lingers for a few days after buying it? Is it the perfect, crisp pages of the novel? The thousands of typed words, waiting to be read?

Or is it what’s contained in the story? The suspense that keeps you on your toes? The heartbreak and the drama that makes you cry for days? The goofy and relatable characters that you can connect to on a ‘spiritual level’?

Is it the anticipation of finishing the book? The amount of accomplishment you feel after reading the last few pages. Or on the opposite hand, is it the sadness and emptiness you feel after reading the last novel of a good series? Wondering what you’ll do with your life once characters, who have been part of your life for possibly years, have reached their endings and their future is unknown to you.

I think it’s a combination of all of these things that make a good book. The physical appearance and the ‘realness’ of holding the book, the story contained in between the front and back cover of the book, and adventure you go through with the characters. All of these qualities make a good book for me. What makes a book good for you?


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