Like many people, I have personally had a major transformation between my childhood years and now. For one, I have luckily changed my attitude and viewpoints towards things. I used to be the brattiest child and sass everyone for the littlest of things. I was honestly quite a rude child and had no manners towards anyone. Luckily I have changed that and, if I do say so myself, I am quite a nice person- especially compared to my younger self. Besides changing in attitude, my interests have greatly changed throughout the years. I used to hate reading and would despise the thought of picking up a book. Now, if anybody knows me, they know that I am a huge reader. I generally read a book a day and my bookshelf is quite excessive. When I was a child or pre-teen, I also went through that phase where I thought I was better than everybody else. I was honestly the bitchiest kid in middle school and regret practically all of my behaviors. Today I am happily quite the opposite and am nowhere near the spotlight. I am definitely not one of the most popular people in my social circle and I’m totally okay with that. I have changed a lot since my earlier days and have improved in many ways. How have you changed?


Daily Post: Transformation


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  1. I congratulate you on your transformation.

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