Nomdeplume’s One-Month Anniversary!!!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the One-Month Anniversary Post!!!! As you can probably tell by the title of this post, it is this blog’s one-month anniversary. So far, we have posted various posts covering books, daily posts, music, movies, theater, and more. We hope to keep running this blog for as long as possible, as we love writing these posts and having an outlet to put our creative thoughts.

We’d just like to give a thank you to everyone who reads this blog. It really means alot to us that people enjoy what we write and take the time to read it. I hope you have been enjoying this posts and finding them interesting. We really appreciate all of the immense support and we love you all lots.

As we are only a month into this blog, we are still working out ideas and topics that we are debating on covering. If you have any suggestions on posts or topics you want to see us write about, please feel free to comment them down below. We’ll do our best to write something based off of your topic.

As we are reaching the end of this post, I’d just like to thank you all again for being so incredible and amazing. Your support really does mean a lot to us. We hope to keep making posts for as long as we can. As always, thanks for reading.

To many, many more posts on nomdeplume:

-Maddie and Kendra



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