Because I am on vacation, I am currently staying in a little log cabin in the middle of nowhere. The cabin is very simple, only including a small kitchen/living room combo, two bedrooms, and a tiny bathroom. There is one small TV that barely gets any channels, no phone, and no internet (I’m at a restaurant typing this so that I can have wifi). The past two days have been very simple, only including going to the beach, hiking, and spending time with family. There are no grocery stores or any other recreational area, making us feel very excluded and alone. Despite having so little, this place is amazing. I feel so unconnected to the internet world and alone- in the best way possible. I could honestly live here if I was aloud to. In my free time, instead of tweeting or posting stuff on Tumblr and Instagram, I have been reading even more than I usually do, which is saying quite a lot. The simplicity of this place is amazing and I couldn’t ask for anything better.


Daily Prompt: Simplicity 


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