Why do so many people like horror movies? Is it the adrenaline rush you get? Is it the slight amount of fear you’re in for a few days after seeing the film? Is it the nightmares you get? Is it the spooky and freaky feeling you feel? The reason for why people like horror movies is unknown, despite the high amount of horror movie fanatics that exist in this world.

I have always been someone to love scary and eerie based television movies and shows. The Conjuring is generally one of my favorite movies of all time (It’s freaking terrifying and it also is amazingly made) and some of my favorite television shows include Bates Motel, The Twilight Zone, Law and Order, Bones, The X-FIles, Criminal Minds, and the occasional American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. I have also always been a major Alfred Hitchcock fan and have enjoyed many of his movies. I grew up loving Nancy Drew books, as well as always checking The Boxcar Children series and loved the movie Coraline when I was younger. Although those spooky based novels (well at least spooky to someone age 10) kept me up at night and sometimes even forced me to keep the light on at night, I still loved the mystery and spooky feeling I got while reading them. I have always loved the horror genre, although I know a lot of people who don’t.

The opinions people have on the horror genre greatly vary between people. I’ve found that people either seem to love horror movies or hate them- there’s no inbetween. A lot of people love the thrill and horror of the films and can’t get enough of the adrenaline rush. Others hate the fear that is provided by the films and greatly dislike feeling afraid. Despite people’s opinions on the genre, horror films and television shows are very popular and often quite the hype.

The sad truth about horror movies is that the vast majority are shit. Although they may give you a good adrenaline rush, while looking at the professional standpoint, they are often made poorly. I know a lot of people don’t look at the quality of films while watching them, but my father is both an author and a movie critic so I’ve kind of been raised to do so. Horror movies often don’t get highly critically acclaimed and practically never win prestigious awards such as Oscars and Golden Globes. There are very few horror movies that are good quality pieces of film and the likelihood of good horror movie sequels is even lower.

Regardless of the poor quality of horror movies, I still generally enjoy the genre quite a bit. I love the adrenaline rush and thrill the films give me and enjoy the slight fear they provide. I know a lot of people go back-and-forth with their opinions on horror movies, so tell me, what are your opinions on the frightening and scary genre?


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