I have personally always had a terrible memory. I remember in 8th grade- I had just joined a new school- it took me until the last week of school to memorize everybody’s names. There were like 30 kids in the class. 30 and I couldn’t even remember that many people’s names. I always feel terrible when people walk up to me and call my name, ready to start a conversation and I can’t even remember what their name is. I’m also always very self-aware, when seeing people, that I don’t know what to call them. Sometimes I feel bad when I try to avoid talking to people, just because I’m afraid they will realize I don’t know what their name is. I have always personally been horrible with names and saw a video yesterday that related to me.

I watched a buzzfeed video yesterday (link herethat really struck an interest in me. The video idea was extremely simple (it was literally just showing you some people’s faces and seeing if you could remember their names), but I related to it. After watching the video, you were meant to take a quiz, which I did, to see how many people’s names you remembered. Not to my surprise, I ended up bombing that quiz and did terrible. I can never remember people’s names for the death of me, but I know a lot of people who can. Kendra, the co-owner of this blog, has an amazing memory when it comes to names. Whenever we see people who we recognize, she always remembers their names and knows what to call them while I don’t. Who are you more like when it comes to terms of memory? Are you more like Kendra and you remember everyone’s names, or are you more like me and can never remember what to call people?

I know this post was very random, but I was wondering: do you struggle with remembering people’s names or does it come very easily to you? I’d love to see your feedback, so feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading!


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  1. ambivert1979 says:

    I recently went to my high school reunion and can honestly say that I could not put names to at least three quarter of the ladies who attended. All my closest friends from then now living overseas and not in attendance. I felt quite awkward as even though I was incredibly quiet and shy back then most greeted me by name. The strange thing is that now my job requires me to remember numerous names… dealing with 67 politicians who all feel quite self important and would be offended if I did not know who they were when walking into my office. Over the last 5 years I took pride in knowing everyone of the 60 faces by name and personality only for them to have now been replaced by fresh faces and new personalities to become accustomed to. Those who are vibrant or difficult I tend to remember almost immediately and the rest… I learn a little slower… and when they enter my office and address me by name I greet them like an old friend and wing it until given a clue as to their name. In time I will know them all only for them to once again be replaced and the cycle will start all over.
    I enjoyed your post. Left me smiling. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading 🙂

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