Fragile- a word that can be used both literally and metaphorically. For the purpose of this post, I am going to use the literal sense:

I have always been quite a physically fragile person. I get injured so easily.

I’ve broken, collectively, 7 bones (and dislocated my arm); my left arm 4 times, my left knee once, my right wrist one, and I’ve dislocated one of my shoulders. The thing about these injuries is that only one was sports-related, and most of them were because of my stupidity and clumsiness (I kid you not, one of my arm breaks was because I was texting someone, wasn’t looking where I was going, and crashed into my fridge). Besides the breaking of bones, I always seem to be getting bruised or scratched, and am always injured (usually not severely) in some way.

All of this being stated, there is actually nothing wrong with me (i.e I luckily don’t have any illnesses causing me to be like this). When I’ve told people about how easily I get injured, they’ve suggested that I get blood work or see a doctor, as getting a bruise from someone ‘lightly’ touching you isn’t typical. I have done this and, thankfully, nothing is wrong with me. I just bruise like a peach- it’s as simple as that.

I know a lot of people who saw this prompt today probably wrote about being emotionally fragile, but I decided to take this prompt into a more literal sense, and share a random fact about myself. Regardless of how random this post was, I hope you enjoy it!







via Daily Prompt: Fragile


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