I have always had an extremely complex relation with poetry. Do I like reading it? Sure. Do I think it’s a great way to get your thoughts out and for people to share their ideas? Of course. But, am I good at it? Absolutely not.

I have no idea why, but when it comes to writing poems, my brain just locks up and I’m left blank. I love writing things in general, from stories, to journal entries; and even to short, little blog posts like this. I went through this phase in my teenage years where I would spend all of my time writing fanfics. I generally love writing everything, except poetry.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see a poetry writing prompt, am asked to write a poem, or just see the word ‘poetry’ in general, I stress. I know that there are tonnes of different types of poems, and obviously not all have to include things like rhymes, metaphors, similes, etc., but I just am not good at dividing my thoughts into lines and stanzas.

I have never been a fan of writing poetry, which i find quite ironic considering I actually have quite a few poetry books that I read regularly, but I can’t write it myself. A lot of my friends are huge poetry fans. They write poems all of the time, share them with me, and even publish them. I’m not at all against poetry in general, I’m just against the thought of myself writing poems.

I’ve meet a few other people in my lifetime that have very similar, passionate opinions on poetry. I know this post is kind of random, and I’m sure a lot of people haven’t put nearly this much thought into poetry and don’t have these strong of opinions, but I do and felt like sharing them.

What are your opinions on poetry? Do you like reading/writing them, only reading them, or do you just dislike poetry in general? I’d love to hear your thoughts!




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